Adults Only at Walt Disney World.  Is this really a thing?  We say YES !!!

We are often asked the question “Are there things to do at Walt Disney World just for adults?”  The answer is an astounding Yes.  In fact, we visit the parks regularly without our kiddos.  Don’t get me wrong….I love our kiddo adventures.  But sometimes, it’s great to get away with just a spouse, or even with some adult friends.  In this episode, we explore a few fun things to day for the 18+ (and in some cases, 21+)  crowd.

We explore several of our favorite “date night” restaurants and night club destinations.  

Park events such as the Epcot festivals and evening Magic Kingdom events are high on our list for adult-only adventures.

And don’t forget recreation and pampering in the spas or on the golf course.

Danny and Stacey are out of town this week, so Jeff and I explore some options, and share our favorite experiences as a couple at the parks and resorts.

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