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Behind The Mic

Bridget Morgan

Show Host

Meet Bridget Morgan, the ultimate multitasker – she’s a former Family Therapist turned pro Travel Advisor, based in Louisville, Kentucky. But don’t let her professional title fool you, Bridget is always on the lookout for the next adventure with her husband and daughter.

When she’s not busy planning your family’s dream vacation, she’s probably munching on some local delicacies or lounging by the pool (with a giant umbrella drink in hand, of course). So if you want someone who knows how to balance work and play, Bridget’s your gal!

Nicole Oliverio

Show Host

My name is Nicole Oliverio. I’m a mom of two and a Disney fanatic!! I have been to the parks too many times to count, stayed at nearly every resort, and dined at dozens of restaurants. But one thing that never changes is the feeling I get when I enter the gates of the Magic Kingdom, step onto Main Street USA, and see the castle straight ahead. There is no better feeling in the world, and it gets me every time!

If my family isn’t at a Disney destination, I am planning our next trip, and I would love to do the same for you. Planning can be overwhelming, but I’m here to make it stress-free. I know how to tailor vacations based on your family’s need, to customize each trip to match your exact dreams and desires. Traveling with young or older children, large or small family vacations, rider switch, stroller, accessibility questions – I have you covered!

Nicole Oliverio

Renee Burger

Show Host

My name is Renée and I’m a lover of all things adventure & especially anything Disney! Since my very first visit to Disneyland as a 4 year old I have loved being in the Magic of it all. 

I’m located in North Carolina with my family and before you ask I am a Tar Heel Fan! Not only have I been a travel advisor for 8 years, I’m also a classily trained chef. I love combining travel with culinary stops along the way, so you will see just as many foodie photos in my adventure book. I have celebrated every major birthday at a Disney Destination and now I enjoy sharing my love of travel with my family and friends too. You can always count on me to say YES to the next vacation, tell it like it is, and make you laugh along the way. 

Guest Contributors

Karen Stoner

Guest Contributor

It’s no coincidence that Karen and Walt Disney World were born in the same month and year.  In fact, only 25 days apart.  Perhaps this was a sign of things to come.  While Karen’s love for Disney formed at a very young age, she could never imagine that her professional career would revolve around Disney.

In 2007, Karen founded “My Mickey Vacation Travel”, which is now a Platinum Level Authorized Disney Vacation Planner company.  Karen has personally created magical and memorable vacation experiences for hundreds of families.   

Jeff Stoner

Guest Contributor

Jeff’s first visit to Walt Disney World was within a year of its opening.  One park and two resorts.  Since then, Jeff has been a huge fan of WDW watching it through every step of its expansion from that first year. Jeff has recently rediscovered his love for Disneyland, as well, and has sailed the ships of Disney Cruise Line many times.

Jeff’s full time duties are as the Operations Manager of My Mickey Vacation Travel, and he absolutely loves talking about Disney and mentoring those who build their businesses around the brand.

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