Adventures by Disney is a unique vacation experience with a guided tour where you and your family become part of the story.  Become immersed in the cultures, the places, and the people of wherever your Adventure takes you.

In this week’s episode, we are joined by Dream Designer Lauralee Hartz as we chat about how amazing an Adventures by Disney vacation truly is.  From the specially trained – and local – Adventure Guides, to the “Disney Difference”, listen in as we describe the benefits of this type of vacation travel.

Karen and Lauralee will share their story of their recent Costa Rica adventure.  Their experience included amazing Adventure Guides, ziplining, a river float, and great memories. 

Jeff and Karen also describe some amazing experiences during their Disneyland and Southern California Adventure including a visit to the Walt Disney Studios and the Walt Disney Imagineering studios.

Adventures by Disney will take you across the U.S., and around the world to destinations such as New York City, San Francisco, Southern California, Italy, Japan, Greece, Viet Nam, China, and so much more.  

Contact the Dream Designers at My Mickey Vacation Travel to learn more about an Adventures by Disney vacation experience.

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